Works with the English versions of Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

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Thanks very much
Your products are fantastic.
You have made my life a lot easier.

Steven McGregor
South Africa

That's wonderful!
Thank you very much.
I've been recommending your product to everyone

Jennifer Shanika
United States of America

Ebook Cover software is extremely easy and fastway to create the cover designs. I got the Ebook cover Design Software at an affordable price.

I recommend this services to anyone looking for professional ebook Cover designs.

Rajeev K.R, Project Manager, Kerala, India

eBook Cover Photoshop Action - Create 3D ecover graphics in simple ways

This software lets you create high definition eBook covers just in minutes with the help of Adobe Photoshop. With a unique eBook Cover quality at 300 dpi eBook Cover Action Soft a new software from master designer creative artist Sumithran helps you fulfil your ambitions. eBook Cover Action Soft is a new software programme which enables publishers and graphic artists to show their eBook Covers with great success, whether online or as actual printouts.

Even if you are not a professional, you can create 3D covers, boxes etc. in a professional way either on a Mac or a PC.

eBook Cover Action Soft is an eBook cover software that works directly in Photoshop so that you never have to leave the project sight. It can take all your old or new eBook covers, box covers etc. and quickly transform them from the ordinary 2D into photo realistic, tangible 3D designs. Just fit your existing design with the required template, the job is done!

Covers of famous brands

Marketers have greater interest in many famous product covers.

By way of using eBook Cover Action Soft your online products and eBook covers gain a most modern appearance and a new get up.

Create good looking CDs and eBooks for online stores and catalogues. Give software and eBooks a fascinating lure. Give offline products a look of online, fast and easy. Let your imaginations fly and sell them on line.

Designers can promote artwork and covers in new ways

Create a portfolio of different eBook Covers to better your skills.

Promote your design business creating DVD Covers, eBook Covers, Magazine Covers, Wrappers, Business Cards, etc. All these and many more can be done very attractively using this software.

How does "eBook Cover Action Soft" work?

eBook Cover Action Soft files are loaded into the Action Palette inside Adobe Photoshop. Once loaded, you can simply play the actions. Each Cover Action has 2 setups.

1) When you play Action Setup - 1, a template is created. Then you create your custom design your text, illustrations, etc. easily.
2) When your design is finished, play Action Setup - 2. This will automatically transform your 2D design into a spectacular 3D eBook Cover or whatever you select-to-do just in a minute.

Cover Designs at your choice (300 dpi Printing Quality)

Right now you can get eBookCoverActionSoft for the insane value of  $127   $97   $87   $67  
Just US$49.95!

Presently we offer a package containing 150 Action Scripts at US $ 49.95, which we hope would be a great boost for your business.

If you have any extra design ideas or requests, please send them in.

Web2.0 Glossy Suite - High definition 300 dpi graphics

These high definition graphics have optimal details which are created at original size. This gives covers a sharp, photogenic look and feel, but at the same time fit enough for brochures, business cards, catalogues, magazine covers, articles, newspaper illustrations, envelopes, sales letters, posters, postcards, packages and all such materials in good use. So, be assured that your selection could be the best.

Time saving
Creating eBook covers from scratch, the transformation process would take hours depending on the product cover.

With eBook cover action soft, designs can be turned into covers and uploaded to a Web site just within a minute. Leave the knowhow and work to eBook Cover Action Soft. A lot of time and effort have gone into creating Photoshop Actions that, raise the hope, would be matching for almost all designs. With the use of eBook Cover Action Soft, users can transform their artwork into a memorable product cover just in a minute.

Actions loaded will remain in Photoshop until you remove them. Access just by a click of the mouse.

No other software required. Actions work directly in photoshop so that there is no need to leave your project.
eBook Cover Action Soft creates covers, combines products that contain multiple items. Simply copy and paste covers to present all aspects of your product. Thus your creations by use of eBook Cover Action Soft become very useful and business promoting.

eBook Cover Action Soft is given with a number of templates designed specifically for mass appeal. Replace the provided text with the name of your own product and your own text, and let eBook Cover Action Soft do the rest. All the photoshop layers for each template are included.

Video Course on creating Covers
Even if you are not used to softwares like eBook Cover Action Soft, don't worry; a 5 minutes provided will successfully solve your problems to handle eBook Cover Action Soft.

eBook Cover Action Soft is available at a reasonable price of only $49.95 with no risk, no question but with 100% Money Back Guarantee in 60 days. Keep away the old practice of creating 3D images after hours of effort and accept the creation of this novel idea using eBook Cover Action Soft in minutes.

Yes, the choice is yours. Faster your positive decision, better for your business promotion.

System requirements :Works with the English versions of Photoshop CS,CS2,CS3,CS4 and CS5.

If you need any clarifications, please email at, we will reply your e-mails in time.

eBook Cover Action Soft is a Good Buy.

Right now you can get eBookCoverActionSoft for the insane value of  $127   $97   $87   $67  
Just US$49.95!

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